◆Extra-large LCD display
◆Larger alarm sound
◆Simple operation, fast setting
◆Count Up /Down function
◆Three optional reminders(sound, sound+light, light)
◆Considerate overflow functional design
◆Lanyard hole / magnet and carriage design
◆7 Operation Keys:"10""5""1"min key,"10 sec"key,"Stop/Reset" Key , "Clock/Timer" Key,"Start" Key for fast setting
◆When time is up, warning for 30s 
◆Count down setting:10s to 99 min and 50s
◆Count up setting:00s to 99 min and 59s
◆Three optional reminders(sound, sound+light, light) 
◆Counts time passed after timer goes off
◆Battery model:CR2032 x 1
◆Weight:Approx. 65g