◆3D G-Sensor
◆Large LCD single-row display
◆Six-in-one function
◆Capable of memorizing the latest 7 days’ data
◆99 Days total steps
◆Light and thin in appearance and easy to carry
◆Three ways of carrying:
    carrying in pockets, in backpacks
    and hanging around neck
◆Step: 10 to 99999 step
◆Distance:0~999.99 Km / mile  (alternative)
◆Calorie:0~9999.9 Kcal 
◆Time : 12H / 24H (switchable) 
◆7 days’ memory, including : Step + Calorie + Distance 
◆99 days total steps: 10 to 999999 step 
◆Battery: CR2032 x 1 
◆Dimensions:68 x 27.5 x 8.5mm 
◆Weight:Approx. 16g